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S. Jeythanan

I was struggling with my childhood traumas and hurts though out my life more than 25years. My inner mind knew that I need a help from someone to talk openly and share my feelings. Fortunately I met her through Facebook. I had 2 sessions with her. She is an amazing woman who could listen patiently and understand the situation of the person, intuitively guide you to remove the trauma from the root. Which helped to find my true Authenticity. 


Thank you so much for the valuable service Carmen Holt. Sending you lots of love and Light.

L. Clark

I had the privilege of being coached over a couple of sessions by Carmen & found her to be incredibly calming helping me to work through the areas I raised. She gave me some great advice delivered from the heart based on the information I’d shared & also received intuitive guidance for me too. I’d recommend working with her if you have things you’d like to resolve & make headway on as she is a natural at putting you at ease & finding fabulous solutions!"

D. Walsh

My vision had been slowly failing me for quite a while and it had gotten to the point where I could no longer drive or read without a magnifier. I scheduled an appointment with the eye surgeon and we both agreed on the course of action, which ended up being the most extensive one. Prior to my next visit, I scheduled a healing session with Carmen Holt. It was amazing to experience her warm and loving healing energy during my session. She focused on my eye issues and also helped me to become more relaxed about the surgery.

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R. Oliver

I have had the honor of working with Carmen during our Love and Authenticity Practitioner training. Carmen is incredibly insightful, she really helped me discover a huge missing piece in my healing. I am so grateful for that experience; it has propelled my growth. If you have the opportunity to work with Carmen-jump on it! You will be better for it

J. Van Der Beek

I have had the pleasure of working with Carmen for coaching recently and I could not be happier with the immediate results. Carmen has a way of listening to the essence of what you are saying, reflecting it back to you clearer than it was in your own head, and asks the right questions to continue to get to the source of the issues. Carmen also uses her gifts of intuition that really helped me to get an objective view on why things may have happened, even after years of different therapies didn’t quite get me there.


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