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Free 30 Minute Initial Consultation

A 30-minute session for the purpose of introducing you to Mind, Body & Spirit Healing, Inc., explain the purpose, detail and pricing of our services and to determine whether you wish to move forward in transforming your life.

1:1 60 - Minute Counseling Session

Sessions include the following:

  • Continued discussion around the concerns/issues that you are seeking assistance for.

  • Talking openly about current and past life experiences.

  • Identifying areas of self-sabotage

  • Digging deep into feelings, hurts and traumas experienced.

  • Discovering and determining root causes of both negative and positive feelings and what/who created them.

  • The reframing of any hurts, pain, and traumas.

  • Working with solutions, i.e., energy healings, meditations, visualizations and creating a new perspective and outlook.


(Please note that all these processes may not be completed in one session; additional sessions may be needed)


90-Day Life Transformation

This program allows you to work consistently on any problems or concerns that you are experiencing and includes:

  • Weekly counseling sessions for 12 weeks

  • Free bi-weekly access during program through email and or text

  • 2 energy healing to clear blockages

Transformational Healing Access Feature

2–60-minute counseling sessions (see above for description) per month followed by bi-weekly email and text access throughout the month for virtual counseling, with responses arriving within a reasonable period. 3- month minimum for access.

Hand Embrace
Image by Mohamed Nohassi

Timeline Healing

Many of us struggle in this current life due to blockages, traumatic experiences and pain suffered from both our present and past lives. A process to aid us in removing this negative energy or subconscious memories is Timeline Healing. This clearing process not only aids in the removal of blockages that have followed you from previous lives, but it can also remove ancestral blockages that have traveled throughout your family tree from generation to generation.

Forgiveness Healing

Oftentimes the one thing holding us back from healing completely is the anger and resentment we are holding against those that have hurt us. Forgiving others can be very hard especially if you are still feeling the hurt that was caused. This also includes forgiving ourselves which many of us don’t even realize is needed. We may blame ourselves for not living up to our expectations or those of other people in our lives; feeling as if we have failed or that we are incapable of being all that we thought we could and should be. Forgiveness energy healing helps us to open the door for forgiving ourselves and others by helping to remove the negative feelings that we hold deep within us against others and ourselves.

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