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Frequently Asked Questions

What is energy healing?

Energy healing is the use of energy sourced from the Universe, God, or whatever spiritual source you are familiar with to cleanse the body of negative energy and blocks which have been created as a result of your life experiences and beliefs. These experiences and beliefs are what contributes to your current life state.

What type of effects are experienced during and after an energy healing?

During a healing session, a person may not experience anything at all or may experience seeing lights, feeling someone touching them, Feeling energy surges in their body, and slight pains in certain parts of the body. The experience one has depends solely on the person receiving the healing and how open they are to the experience and usually go away post healing. After the healing session, a person may notice emotional changes as issues that need to be faced or dealt with begin to surface; changes in personal relationships including the distancing of individuals who are currently in their lives but who do not serve their highest good. Again, each experience is different depending on the person.

Does energy healing really work?

I can only speak for myself and for me, energy healing has changed my entire life. As a result of the healing sessions I have experienced, old family hurts have surfaced and are being dealt with (healing is an ongoing process), my level of personal confidence has risen greatly, and I have discovered my purpose work and am now in the business of helping others.

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