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Policies & Procedures

The following policies and procedures are in place for the protection of all involved. 


1.) Prior to our first session the Client Agreement Form must be signed and returned to me.  Please email to: 


2.) Payment is expected to be paid in full prior to our first official counseling session, unless otherwise and previously decided upon by us. 


3.) Counseling fees may be increased, as necessary. Discount opportunities are available multiple times throughout the year. For further details please inquire. 


4.) Sessions will be conducted by phone or through using ZOOM. It is your responsibility to phone in or to access ZOOM at your scheduled time. You will be sent as a confirmation text 30 minutes prior to our appointment with either the phone number or access link for ZOOM. Please do not phone in or access ZOOM early as I may be transitioning from a session prior to yours. I strive to give each client not only their hour of session but also my commitment to preparation prior and documentation following our time together.


5.) Each session will last approximately 60/90 minutes depending on the type of session agreed upon. Please plan accordingly.


6.) Cancelling or rescheduling a session must be made at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled session time or your session will be forfeited. 


7.) Every effort is made to provide continuity in session time and day of the week but is not guaranteed.


8/) Mind, Body, & Spirit Healing, Inc will never share your participation in the counseling process to other people, including your family.


9.) Counseling notes are minimal, kept in a secured location, and would provide little to no benefit should they be subpoenaed. 


10.) COUNSELING IS NOT A FORM OF THERAPY.  We will work with you to explore your environment/life primarily focusing on those areas which you believe and feel require improvement. In doing so, we will explore your thought processes, belief systems, and the stories you have developed in your mind that work both for and against you. Our approach is to pour massive amounts of love and understanding into your perceptions for the purpose of creating shifts which will move you and your life in the direction you desire. Naturally, some retrospect is a part of this process but only with your consent and approval. 


11.) In between our sessions if any questions or concerns come up that cannot wait until our next scheduled time, I invite you to contact me via email.  I will respond as soon as I can. Time frame is not guaranteed.


12.) At the end of most sessions, we will have decided on homework (“fieldwork”) for the coming days.  I encourage you to complete these assignments (they may be affirmations, reflections, journaling, etc.) and be ready to discuss how it went at your next session.

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